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Yoga classes in central Buckinghamshire
Over 5,500 regular and 300 online classes since 2002

In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.
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Since April 2020 I have taught online yoga classes using Zoom as it became impossible to carry on with my yoga classes in Swanbourne, Oving and Weedon due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have taught over 300 online yoga classes, initially for my existing students but latterly opened to new students as well, beginners or otherwise. For student feedback on my online classes see here.

I also teach two very popular face to face classes weekly at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre in Leighton Buzzard.

Term Time

Since starting my online classes in April 2020, the only break in my teaching was at Christmas which was in part because I had been hoping to get away to stay with family. When so much of people's routines had stopped due to Covid-19, I wanted to keep the classes going to provide a sense of normality and continuity in student's yoga practice, if nothing else. As we head towards summer and holidays become a possibility once again, we'll see whether there is enough interest to continue through this summer also.

Online yoga class times

General yoga class - Tuesday 10:00 - 11:30
General yoga class - Tuesday 19:45 - 21:15
General yoga class - Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30

Online yoga prerequisites

  • As well as a yoga mat you should have any blocks, belts, blankets you need. .
  • A laptop, Chromebook, Kindle or tablet with Zoom loaded. A mobile phone is not suitable as the screen is too small and the wrong ratio.
  • A suitable space to practise at home. Ideally your webcam will be around 8 feet away and facing the long edge of your yoga mat so I can best see you.
  • A free 1:1 setup session before you first attend an online class. This will familiarise you with how the online classes run and the little you need to know about Zoom. It will also establish that you have a suitable place to practise and the corresponding siting of your laptop or tablet so we can see each other to best advantage.
  • New students will ideally be fairly local to give the possiblity of working face to face one day.
  • New students additionally need to complete a confidential health form before receiving a free introductory 1:1 session to assess their general levels of fitness, flexibility, suppleness and body awareness, as well as enabling them to decide if they wish to join a class.

Online yoga class protocol

Although you will each be practising in your own space it is more important than ever just now to retain a sense of connection with each other. At the start and end of class you can see, greet and talk with other participants. On being admitted to class you should also double-check your mat and laptop/tablet are positioned correctly to give me the optimum view of you both lying down and standing up.

Students will receive links to join their class by email and will be admitted via an electronic waiting room. You should use your forename and surname for your User ID since if I cannot tell who you are you will not be admitted. This is to ensure that our online classes remain safe and secure.

Please ensure you join the class in good time so you are settled by the start of the class as a courtesy to me and the other participants.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient space for your practice free from obstructions and hazards. This is essential since I cannot see how close you are to other objects via your webcam.

During the class all students are muted to prevent any sound at your end distracting other students. You can unmute yourself to ask questions, etc.. As you will be muted you can play your own music should you wish, but you should pause it before unmuting to avoid disturbing other students.


For existing and former students, the first online class is free of charge. Students new to my classes will have already had a free 1:1 yoga session. Thereafter students need either a fixed or a variable block of classes active which guarantees them a place in class each week.

On completing a block of classes, students start another fixed or variable block,  whatever suits them best. The choice of fixed and variable blocks provide a cost effective way of attending classes whether you are able to attend class each week or not.

Class weeks are not always the same as elapsed weeks since we traditionally had breaks for the Xmas, Easter and Summer holidays and for half term. Both fixed and variable blocks can often span such holidays. During the coronavirus pandemic classes have run without breaks since students have had more availability to attend classes than normally.

Fixed blocks

Fixed blocks work out cheapest where students attend five times in five weeks.

You pay £30 for a fixed block to attend five classes in five weeks. A fixed block is still the cheapest option even if you miss one class in five.

Students who miss a class in a fixed block can make it up within the current block by attending twice another week. You cannot make up a missed class from a previous block in a subsequent block.

On occasion a student may be permitted to upgrade a fixed block to a variable block for £10. This is usually when a student has missed several classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Once upgraded, the block behaves as if it were a variable block from the outset.

To facilitate administration, fixed blocks are synchronised so all start and finish at the same time. So when starting a fixed block for the first time, or if reverting to a fixed block after a variable block, you will pay the number of weeks left in the current fixed block multiplied by £6.

There is a concession rate for those who would have been eligible for concessionary rates with Bucks Adult Learning - see the Concessions section below.

Frequent Fliers

This allows students on fixed blocks to attend additional classes at half price unless already benefiting from concessionary pricing, in which case no further reduction applies.

Any extra to pay will be added to the price of your next block on completion of your current fixed block.

If, for example, you attend 7 times in a five week fixed block the cost would be £30 paid at the start of a block plus an extra £6-00 (2 * £3) payable on completion of the block along with payment for your next block.

Please note I usually use the same lesson plan during a week as my starting point, though will vary this as appropriate for the students present. This is to  ensure a good variety of postures and sequences for everyone from week to week.

Variable blocks

Variable blocks usually work out cheapest where a student knows they will be unable to attend class weekly and when they are going to be away on holiday.

You pay £40 for a variable length block to attend five classes within 10 class weeks. Provided you attend all five classes you pay £8 per class and are only paying when attending a class.

A variable block finishes either after 10 weeks or when the fifth class has been taken, whichever occurs first. Any money relating to classes not taken by the end of a variable block is forfeited and cannot be carried forward.

Taking a break

Students are expected to start another fixed or variable length block when their current block expires unless they cannot attend five classes in 10 weeks which might be because of:

  • Serious illness
  • A major operation
  • Bereavement
  • Needing to care for a relative or partner
  • Long holidays or time away

It will normally be obvious if one of these conditions apply but I do need to know and can advise you if you are not sure. In such cases a credit will be given against any class fees already paid.

To facilitate your return to class after a break, once you advise an anticipated return date I will either save you a place or add you to a waiting list as appropriate.

In exceptional cases, pay-as-you-go attendance may be possible where I agree that a variable block is not appropriate. This will usually only be possible for experienced students. Pay-as-you-go attendance costs £10 per class.

Students with fixed or variable blocks always have priority over pay-as-you-go students should there be more students than spaces available in the class, even when attending a class other than their regular class.

Can I attend a different class if I can't make my usual class?

Yes, you can attend any private class in any week if unable to make your usual class, making it easier for you to attend class regularly.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

Should one or more classes be cancelled for whatever reason, students unable to attend an alternative class that week will either be given a credit or the current block extended to make up the missed class(es) at my discretion.

New student referral incentive

You are entitled to a £10 credit off your next block of classes when a new student you introduce starts either a variable block or a five-week fixed block of classes.

How to pay

Payment should be by electronic bank transfer. Cheques may be acceptable as a last resort but you would need to clear this with me. You will need to ask me for my bank details to pay electronically. Electronic payments MUST include your full name against your payment so I know who is paying.


Students who meet the Bucks Adult Learning criteria for concessionary rates for those in receipt of specific benefits qualify for a reduced rate of £4 per class where students pay £20 for a block of five consecutive classes.