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Yoga classes in central Buckinghamshire
Over 5,000 classes taught since 2002

Thank you for sharing your yoga so generously. Thank you for helping me recuperate my physical issues with your knowledge and skill.
Tuesday mornings are always yoga mornings for me, wherever I am in the world.


Class dates

The Swanbourne and Oving autumn terms start on 3rd/4th September with half term on 29th/30th October and finishes on 3rd/4th December.

The Weedon classes run without a break for half term and will go on an extra week in the run-up to Christmas if there is sufficient demand nearer the time.

After Christmas, 2020 classes start at Weedon on Monday 6th January, Swanbourne on Tuesday 7th January and Oving on Wednesday 8th January.

Yoga class summary

Below is a summary of my private yoga class levels, times and locations. For classes that are full with no spaces available you can be added to a waiting list if you wish.

Beginners/Improvers - Mon 19:30 - 21:00 Weedon. Class full

Beginners/Improvers - Tue 10:00 - 11:30 Swanbourne. 1 space

Gentle - Tue 13:00 - 14:30 Swanbourne. 2 spaces

Beginners/Improvers - Tue 18:00 - 19:30 Swanbourne. Class full

Beginners/Improvers - Tue 19:45 - 21:15 Swanbourne. 4 spaces

Some previous experience/Improvers – Wed 18:15 - 19:45 Oving. 4 spaces

Beginners/Improvers - Wed 20:00 - 21:30 Oving. 3 spaces

Weedon classes held at Weedon Old Schoolroom

Swanbourne classes held at Swanbourne Village Hall

Oving classes held at Oving Village Hall

Paul Blissett 01296-680454

Monday evening yoga class in Weedon

I have been teaching this class in the Weedon Old Schoolroom since 2005.

Weedon is 4 miles north of Aylesbury and 8.5 miles south of Winslow, just off the A413.

weedon_hall.pngThis is an attractive old hall with a nice wooden floor, dimmable lighting and provides a very suitable setting for yoga. The address is 29/31 High Street, Weedon, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 4NW and you can view the Weedon Old Schoolroom website here - The hall can accommodate up to 12 yoga students.

Weedon Old Schoolroom is located at the widest part of Weedon High Street and has reasonable on-street parking. There is a high raised kerb on the opposite side of the road to the hall.

Tuesday daytime and evening yoga classes in Swanbourne

My four Tuesday yoga classes run in Swanbourne Village Hall which can accommodate 12 people for yoga. The morning and both evening classes are mixed ability classes suitable for all. The afternoon class is generally less strong and paced a bit slower to suit those who need to work more gently.

Swanbourne Village Hall has good ambient lighting for yoga, a faux wood floor and efficient warm air heating. Swanbourne is two and a half miles from Winslow and the hall is on the B4032 Mursley Road on the same side of the road as and one house along from the shop. There is a bus stop and street light immediately in front of the hall which has a picket fence and gate. The postcode is MK17 0SH.

You can come into Swanbourne from the north turning left off the A413 just south of Winslow, from the south off the A413 turning right for Swanbourne at the right hand turn where there is an inside passing lane for traffic going straight on. If coming from the north or the south you then need to turn east onto the Mursley Road in Swanbourne by the church and the hall is on the left just after the shop. You can also approach Swanbourne from Mursley where the hall is on the right just before the shop.

Please park to the right of the bus stop if attending during the day to leave space to the left for those using the shop. It is advisable to turn in your roadside wing mirror when parking outside the hall.

Wednesday evening yoga classes

My two Wednesday evening classes take place in the newly built Oving Village Hall. The address is Oving Recreation Ground, Bowling Alley, Oving, Buckinghamshire, HP22 4HD. This lovely hall has underfloor heating, good ambient lighting for yoga and looks like this:

oving_hall.pngIt accommodates a maximum of 15 for yoga. Oving is just north of Whitchurch and just off the A413. The hall is 5 miles south of Winslow (via Granborough and North Marston, or you can use the A413) and has plenty of parking. There are two tennis courts in front of the car park and the hall is just beyond these. You can view the Oving Village Hall website here -

My early Wednesday class is an improvers' class for those with some previous experience of yoga. It is not suitable for complete beginners or those who would benefit from working particularly gently. The later Wednesday evening class is a mixed ability class suitable for all.


New students get their first class free-of-charge. Thereafter students should always have either a fixed or a variable block active which guarantees them a place each week in the class for which they are registered. The choice of fixed and variable blocks provide a cost effective way of attending classes whether you are able to attend class each week or not.

Class weeks are not necessarily the same as elapsed weeks since we have breaks for the Xmas, Easter and Summer holidays and for half term. Both fixed and variable blocks will often span such a holiday. Holiday periods are as defined by Bucks County Council for school holidays but we always break early for Christmas.

Fixed and variable blocks work as follows:

  1. Fixed blocks
    You pay £30 for a fixed block to attend five classes in five weeks. Each class costs you £6 whether you attend the class or not. This is the cheapest option even if you miss one class in five.

    Students who miss a class in a fixed block can make it up within the current block by attending twice another week. You cannot make up a missed class from a previous block in a subsequent block.

    On occasion a student may be permitted to upgrade a fixed block to a variable block for £10. This is usually when a student has missed several classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Once upgraded, the block behaves as if it were a variable block from the outset.

    To facilitate administration, fixed blocks are synchronised so all start and finish at the same time. So when starting a fixed block for the first time, or if reverting to a fixed block after a variable block, you will pay the number of weeks left in the current fixed block multiplied by £6.

    There is a concession rate for those who would have been eligible for concessionary rates with Bucks Adult Learning - see the Concessions section below.
  2. Variable blocks
    You pay £40 for a variable length block to attend five classes within 10 class weeks. Provided you attend all five classes you pay £8 per class and are only paying when attending a class.

    A variable block finishes either after 10 weeks or when the fifth class has been taken, whichever occurs first. Any money relating to classes not taken by the end of a variable block is forfeited and cannot be carried forward.

At the end of your current block you can either continue with another block of the same type or switch block type, depending on what works best for you.

Students are expected to start another fixed or variable length block when their current block expires unless they cannot attend five classes in 10 weeks which might be because of:

  • Serious illness
  • A major operation
  • Bereavement
  • Needing to care for a relative or partner
  • Long holidays or time away

It will normally be obvious if one of these conditions apply but I do need to know and can advise you if you are not sure. In such cases a credit will usually be permitted in respect of any class fees already paid.

There may also be other reasons why you need to take an extended time-out from classes. To facilitate your return to class, where you have a reasonably good idea of your likely return date, provided you confirm your anticipated return date a month before you expect to return I can either save you a space if one is available, else reserve you a place as soon as one comes up.

In exceptional cases, pay-as-you-go attendance may be possible where it is agreed that a variable block is not appropriate. This would usually be for a short period only as intermittent attendance is not generally in a student's best interests. Pay-as-you-go attendance costs £10 per class.

Students with fixed or variable blocks always have priority over pay-as-you-go students should there be more students than spaces available in the class, even when attending a class other than their regular class.

Can I attend a different class if I can't make my usual class?

Yes, subject to space being available you can attend any private class in any week if unable to make your usual class, making it easier for you to attend class regularly. You can see if there are vacancies in a class by checking the Yoga Class Summary section at the top of the home page and if attending a popular class are advised to check that there will be space for you. You are advised to do this the day before the class to ensure I have time to answer as I only ever view email on my PC when I am at home.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

In the event of a class being cancelled for whatever reason, the current block will be automatically extended to make up the missed class(es).

New student referral incentive

You are entitled to a £10 credit off your next block of classes if a new student you introduce to class, having had their free introductory class, subsequently purchases a fixed or variable block of classes.

Can I bring a visitor?

Yes. If you have a friend or relative who wishes to attend as a one-off then you can bring them along to class with you. Please let me know in advance if you wish to do this and whether I need to bring an extra yoga mat for your visitor. The price for the visitor will be the same price you currently pay per class.

How to pay

I prefer payment either electronically or by cash with cheques as a last resort. You will need to ask me for my bank details to pay electronically. Electronic payments MUST include your full name against your payment so I know who is paying.


Students who meet the Bucks Adult Learning criteria for concessionary rates for those in receipt of specific benefits qualify for a reduced rate of £4 per class where students pay £20 for a block of five consecutive classes.


Car sharing is encouraged and for those who either do not have a car or who are not easily able to drive at night I may be able to put you in touch with a fellow student who can provide a lift.