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This week's classes focussed on strengthening abdominals, back, gluteals, thighs and obliques.

One of my Monday students, who has lower back issues, found it so helpful that she asked at the end of the class whether I was teaching the lesson plan again that week and if so could she come again. I was and she did.

During my Tuesday afternoon class I asked another of my students, who I know has both back and hip issues, how she was doing. She said that she had not been very good over the previous 24 hours. That evening she emailed me:

Hi Paul,

I thought you would like to know that the yoga class( 1pm-2-30pm) has made such a difference to my back and hip. At this moment in time, I am completely pain free!! ,and am a lot more mobile.

Thank you so much.

I have since suggested some simple postures for her to try regularly at home, firstly because I am a yoga teacher not a miracle worker and secondly because I have no intention of teaching the same class week after week.

Am I suggesting yoga will be this effective for everyone with back problems? Certainly not.

Is it worth a try? I'd be tempted if it was me.