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It's Sunday 13th November and I'm hedgelaying (my other job) just north of Aylesbury at a popular site for dog walkers.

I strike up a conversation with a passer by and soon let on that my other job is teaching yoga. He is very interested and I give him my website details which go straight onto his phone and we talk about the class days and times that might best suit him.

As he passes again on his way back he asks me what style of yoga I teach so he has obviously been giving it some thought.

The next day he arrives at my Monday evening class along with his daughter. They clearly both enjoy the class and we chat a bit at the end to see how they got on.

The following Saturday he passes by walking his dog again and I ask him how he felt after his first class. He said, "It's rather strange and hard to describe." He went on to say that when he was younger and engaged in sporting activities he would feel that his mind and body had come together as one, but that he had felt for a long time now that they were separate entities. He said that his experience from the yoga class was that his mind and body had come together again, at which point I mention to him that the word yoga actually means union.

How's that for a first yoga class experience?