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2020 Summer School Classes

I have arranged two Summer School evenings at Swanbourne Village Hall in August. Each has an early and a late mixed ability class. Please note that this year there is 30 minutes between classes, time I need to clean and disinfect the hall before the second class. New as well as current students are welcome to attend.

Summer School classes cost £6 each (except for concessions who should pay their regular class price). Having booked, you can switch to a different class subsequently without penalty provided there is space, but you must check this with me. Please allow a reasonable time for me to respond to any such request. Summer School classes you book but do not attend will not normally be refundable unless you are unwell in which case you should definitely not attend.

To book, select the classes you wish to attend on the booking form opposite and click "Submit" at the foot of the screen.

I will confirm your booking and will let you know when I would like you to pay. Please make a careful note of the day and times you book which may be different from your regular class!

If there are insufficient students for a class to run I will let you know. If you have already paid, existing students will receive a credit against their regular class fees and new students will receive a refund.

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