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My Blog entries also contain examples of the benefits my students have experienced through yoga

In addition you can find a review of one of my classes carried out by consumer research company Pro Insight in Summer 2018 here

19th December 2018

Many thanks for the great class!!


11th December 2018

Thanks for a great year of yoga I really enjoy it. 


10th December 2018

Thanks for your patience and encouragement!

Carol and Judy

4th December 2018

Thanks for all the classes this year, you are an inspiration and always on hand with an encouraging thought and word. Thank you.



26th April 2018

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to let you know I really benefited so much from class last night!
I had been really tired all day and had to make a real effort to get to class.
I felt so much more energetic afterwards, didn't feel tired at all when it was time to go to bed!



13th March 2018

I had meant to email you earlier than this. Thank you for last evening's class - it has helped my aching back enormously. I was starting to walk like a very old wizened woman, with all the heavy work I had had to do in cutting up a very old, large, water-damaged settee to get it out of my front room to make room for the new one I'd ordered.

The many floor sequences, especially the kneeling "Salute to the Sun", have helped my poor back considerably, and it now feels much, much better and I can stand upright again!!


18th January 2017

I think yoga is an amazing and inspirational journey and I'm really excited about where it's leading me, in many areas. Least of all being able to reach my toes!


6th December 2016

Thank you so much for keeping me going all year!


Thank you for being such a good yoga teacher!


21st November 2016

Thank you for another year of your never ending patience!


8th November 2016

Hi Paul,

I thought you would like to know that today's yoga class( 1pm-2-30pm) has made such a difference to my back and hip. At this moment in time, I am a lot more mobile and completely pain free!!

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards.



20th April 2016

Morning Paul ,

I thought I would just drop you a line with regard to the benefits I am receiving from yoga, after only my fourth lesson, and thanks to your advice about breathing, I no longer awake at four and remain awake until the dawn breaks, this is such a bonus for me, having taken me from insomnia to normality, almost overnight, asleep at midnight and woken by my Labrador at eight o clock.

I walk for a good hour and a half every day and my quads were really tight, but again the exercises you suggested, which I do two or three times a day, have loosened them to a dramatic degree already, so I am so pleased that my friend Margaret brought me along to the taster class, as the benefits are very agreeable to me, many thanks, Paul

Kind regards



2nd January 2016

Hi Paul,

happy new year x

sleeping a lot better although the breathing has taken some getting use to!

I've managed to book Thursday yoga so will see you then.

Many thanks Vicki


16th December 2015

Your class has helped me through a very difficult time. Thank you!



17th September 2015

Dear Paul

I just wanted to say how important yoga is for me and it's hard to put down all the benefits I have and do have from practising it. It is my default relaxing mode and a good holiday for me is if I can take my mat and do lots of yoga, preferably in the shade on a sunny day with a peaceful view - not often achieved because I am with the grandchldren for many of my holidays - and am blessed by them and the holidays! I have taught all of them the yoga breath and it comes in specially useful with my 12 year old autistic grandson who I drive to school once a week to give his mother a break. His anxieties are always very high but I am pleased to watch him in my mirror as he closes his eyes and tries to do the relaxing yoga breath!!

Thank you for being a good teacher to me and all the others, we appreciate you.



22nd October 2014

Thank you so much for such a wonderful yoga class. Coming to your class for the past 9 years has meant a great deal to me, it has been an oasis away from my busy life and has helped me in so many different ways.